who we are

Who we are
Wondering around the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York on a Saturday afternoon, looking for something new to do, I came across a store called Baked in Brooklyn. I went inside with lots of curiosity as the window’s display caught my attention. Inside, the very friendly attendant greeted me and showed me how it all works. I was excited to start. There were many different types and sizes of ceramics, paint colors to choose from, and even small accessories. I happily sat down and painted away. That day changed my life!

I looked forward to taking my mom and my nieces & nephews.

My mom and I started going quite often to paint cups, plates, figurines. We made so many happy memories there. Once my mother was gone, I moved to Puerto Rico. I looked for a store much like this one, with no luck.

So, my boyfriend and I decided we were going open up an art studio to bring you this wonderful platform so you too can create and Paint-In Memories with your loved ones.

Hello, we are Mary & Juan. Welcome